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The challenges and opportunities presented to you throughout your life can be overwhelming at times.  Everyday problems can quickly affect your physical and emotional health.  You may need help because you are unhappy with the way you are feeling or acting, or you may need help because you are unhappy with the way some significant person in your life is feeling or acting. 

You may need some support and guidance in order to move through these experiences.  Therapy can help you whether these problems seem big or small. A therapist will listen and be supportive of you. Your therapist will offer you suggestions and will help you see your problems from a different perspective. However, unlike a relative, spouse or friend, your therapist will not tell you what you should do.  The choice of what to do is always yours. 

Counseling by a trained, licensed therapist can help you get a clear, objective perspective and a strong sense of support which can enable you to make positive, rewarding changes in your life.  Your therapist is trained to equip you with the tools to take those first steps toward change and to find the happiness and fulfillment you deserve.


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